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Located in the heart of California, Eddy's embraces the fusion of culinary excellence and conscious food choices, catering to those who cherish both taste and well-being.

Eddy’s Superfood Café

Logo Design


To achieve this, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that embraced a premium yet approachable aesthetic. The logo, featuring a bold yet playful font and a vibrant color palette, set the tone for the brand's overall personality. This design language extended across all touchpoints, from the café's signage and menus to its digital presence, creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity.


The challenge was to create a brand identity that effectively captured the essence of Eddy's Superfood Café: a premium dining experience that celebrates healthy eating in a vibrant and playful atmosphere. The brand needed to appeal to a diverse clientele, including health-conscious individuals, young professionals, and families.


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